Progressive permissions with oAuth apps?

We have an oauth app that includes the scopes we need in order to access meeting recordings, etc.
But we’re considering a change to our approach of authenticating users to allow them to authenticate with minimal scopes (just user info) to begin, and later the user can explicitly allow us to access more sensitive scopes (recordings) later.

The OAuth standard designates that you can send the scopes in the auth code request, which would allow us to do this… But the docs for Zoom don’t mention this parameter, and users always allow all of the scopes listed for the app.

Is there an undocumented way to do progressive permissions?

@will.zoom can you offer any help?

Hi @ryan3 ,

Thanks for inquiring about this. Progressive scoping is not available at the moment, but is something we are working on. We’ll share updates on #new-releases :slight_smile:


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