Prompted to input name even while using un query parameter in iframe zoom embed

I want to embed the zoom meeting into my website iframe and I am using the link provided by zoom{{meetingId}}/join?prefer=1&un=TWluZGF1Z2Fz&pwd=868LJNp-8gQ3e16z-v95Qf5NIrf43K.1” → meetingId: 77413640556

The waiting room setting is off.
When I use this link in an iframe I am prompted to enter my name even tho I have un in query parameters and after entering the name and clicking join it does nothing and I am redirected again to the same page to enter my name again. I tried this multiple times but unable to join the meeting through an iframe, while using this URL on browser works fine.

Adding the codeSandbox link for reference where I tested this.

we are using iframe to stream videos from multiple platforms and want to use iframe only for the zoom too.

Works on Firefox browser but does not for chrome.

The Web SDK was not designed to work within an iFrame and it is also not supported.

Have you considered any alternative implementation options?

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