PSZoom - A Powershell module for Zoom's REST API


PSZoom is a Powershell wrapper for Zoom’s REST API. At the moment it includes cmdlets for users, groups and meetings as well as a few for reports. Installing it is as simple as:

Install-Module PSZoom
Import-Module PSZoom

You can also find it at the PowerShell Gallery or on Github. Currently PSZoom uses only JWT for authorization.

Example Code

Get all active users

Get-ZoomUsers -AllPages

Get emails from page 2 of active users

(Get-ZoomUsers -PageSize 300 -pagenumber 2 -status active).Email

Update a user’s name

Update-ZoomUser -UserId -FirstName Darth -LastName Vader -ApiKey $ApiKey -ApiSecret $ApiSecret

Update the host key of all user’s that have ‘jedi’ in their email

(Get-ZoomUsers -allpages) | select Email | ? {$_ -like '*jedi*'} | update-zoomuser -hostkey 001138

Find and add users to a single group

Get-ZoomGroups | where-object {$_ -eq 'Dark Side'} | Add-ZoomGroupMembers -email '',''

Please feel free to ask questions, give suggestions, report bugs, etc. Mods, apologies if this was posted in the wrong place.

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