Powershell PSZoom retrieve users info from a subaccounts

Hi all,

I am working on powershell to do some account management jobs and would like to know how to get-users from a subaccount by using powershell PSZoom?


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Please refer to this post here:


Hi Elisa,

Thanks for your response.
Yes, I have run PSZoom and get users from my master account. I have 4 subaccounts under the mast account and I don’t know to how to retrieve those users. I can only get users who are under master account. I also check the description in Github and can’t find how to specify subaccount when calling the API.
Thanks again for your help.

Hi @itsupport3
Of course, happy to help.
Unfortunately that Github repo was not created by us and we do not provide support on it

Hi Elisa, thank you.

Of course! I am happy to help :slight_smile: @itsupport3