Publishable URL approval conditions

Hi Zoom Team :wave:
I have checked following resources to get information about Publishable URL and how to request it:

But i’m afraid that details can be outdated since the second source is dated Jan 14, 2020.
My question is - since TDD is needed for submission and it asks for Test Account Credentials and Test Plan, will Zoom Review Team conduct testing of my application at this point?

I want to conduct closed beta testing before submitting my app to be published on Zoom App Marketplace. And i need “Publishable URL” in order to test it properly (one Zoom account is not enough). During this period the app will be installed only by my development team members - not real customers.
Overview of “Requesting a Publishable URL” process doesn’t mention the fact that review process will include functional and usability testing by Zoom Review Team. Do i really need to provide Test Account Credentials and Test Plan in TDD at this point? :hugs:

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Hi @nikita.eremenko451 ,

You do not need to submit the TDD to submit a publishable URL request :slight_smile:

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