Is it possible to get my Zoom App approved, if I say No to any of the TDD?

Before Creating a New Topic:

Submitted app for a review

Format Your New Topic as Follows:

Zoom Apps Configuration
Share the Zoom Apps configuration (e.x. React, Vanilla JS, Node.js) you’re working with to give relevant context.

Trying to submit the app

App not approved

Hey there @mentorjar! This depends on whether or not you’re submitting the app to our Marketplace or you’re applying for a Publishable URL (Beta).

A Publishable URL (Beta) requires submission of documentation outlined in the TDD, however a standard Marketplace publication will use these documents as optional supporting evidence.

Additional specific feedback will be given to your submission once submitted.

Does this mean that a Publishable url which would have less exposure than the marketplace has more stringent security requirements than a marketplace submission?

That seems a bit counter intuitive.

What’s the logic there?

Both a publishable URL and marketplace submission require a TDD and Security documentation. Please see our FAQs here:

Let me know if that helps.