Published app stopped working, won't stay installed

We have a published app that was working fine through January.
Today, I noticed it wasn’t working, and after troubleshooting we’re unable to determine what the issue is.

The development/beta version continues to work as expected, so issue is limited to the Live version.

When installing the published/live version, it will send a zoom notification that the app was successfully installed (as expected), and for about 2 seconds the app will show in the users Team Chat Apps list, and then it quickly disappears. The app still shows in the users’ web portal as approved by the user, but it doesn’t show in their Team Chat apps list.

I see no error logs on our end, and the API calls appear to complete successfully, for example, the app redirects correctly to the welcome page, the initial chat message is sent to the user.

What reasons could cause the app to briefly appear after installing and then disappear? It doesn’t appear to be de-authorizing, as it still shows in the user’s web portal as authorized.

Any pointers on what to try to resolve issue appreciated.

I’d be happy to give the specific app name to zoom support team if you send me a DM.

It just started working. Not sure what changed or why.
Assuming someone at Zoom resolved issue after I re-submitted my app to publish.