Publishing application with Windows SDK C# Wrapper

I’m developing with WindowsSDK C# Wrapper and I’m building and running the application on release mode.

But if I try to run as DEBUG or Publish the application, this line of code allways return sdkerr_uninitialize

CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetAuthServiceWrap().SDKAuth(new AuthParam { appKey = zoomAppKey, appSecret = appSecret });

How I can configure the application so I can run as Develop and publish the application?

Which version?
I’m using the C# Wrapper Demo as base:

Hey @igor.lunarx,

The description of the sdkerr_uninitialize is “SDK is not initialized before the use”.

Are you initializing the SDK properly?


Hi igor,

Thanks for the post. Our Windows SDK only supports “Release” at the moment, so you will need to debug and release under the “Release” mode.

For publishing the app, may I inquire what kind of publish are you referring? The “Publish” button in Visual Studio? Our Windows SDK does not have any other specific requirements as long as you follow the instruction in the doc: and ensure that the SDK’s .dll files are under the same directory with your .exe file.

Are you getting any errors that are related to SDK while publishing?

Hope this helps. Thanks!

On Visual Studio with the “Release” mode, everything works fine. But when I change for Debug it does not work.

I can workarround that with a PostBuild event. But I dont think that’s ideal.

xcopy /E /Y "$(ProjectDir)DependecyDir\*" "$(ProjectDir)$(OutDir)"

Carson, thanks for the attention.

My project is basically the C# Wrapper Demo project from the Zoom Page. I’ve tried two ways to publish the project and neither work.


The project only have the reference for the wrapper. Am I missing something?


Hi igor,

Thanks for the reply and thanks for the screenshots. I have not published apps using this method with our demo app before. I have passed this information to our engineering team to investigate this and get back to your asap.