Publishing @zoomus/instantsdk to npm


Our DevOps team would like to know if you plan on publishing the Web Video SDK (@zoomus/instantsdk) to a public npm registry, such as ?

We notice you already publish the Web Client SDK (@zoomus/websdk), so is there a reason why you can’t do the same for the Web Video SDK?

If not, would you object to us publishing it publicly on ? (I had to ask!)

From a DevOps perspective, it would make life easier if we could restore the package from a public npm registry, instead of needing to download the SDK zip file from the market place, extract the package files from within the sample application, and re-pack them into a tarball or publish to a private (internal) registry.

Many thanks!

Hey @RyanB ,

Great question. We are currently in the process of publishing the Web Video SDK to NPM. Stay tuned here: npm


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Thanks Tommy, much appreciated!

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:


Hey @krushnal , @RyanB ,

The Video SDK is now available on NPM: @zoom/videosdk - npm :slight_smile:


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