Zoom Web SDK module not found

I’ve been working on this for a week now but I can’t seem to make it work and I am tired as hell. I’m trying to test the dev zoom sdk but it’s giving me this error.

What I already tried but doesn’t work:

  1. run npm install
  2. copy @zoomus to node_modules folder
  3. run npm install --save react-router-dom

Hi @dprian, thanks for using our SDK.

It looks like you are looking for help with the Web SDK. For that, please post over in #web-video-sdk. :slightly_smiling_face:


Already posted in #web-video-sdk, any solutions for this one? it would be a big help! Thanks.

Hey @dprian ,

Checkout this recent change we made about the Video SDK import:

Updated “Instant” namespace to “Video”. When you upgrade to 1.1.0 make sure to update Instant to Video. For example change import ZoomInstant from @zoomus/videosdk'; to import ZoomVideo from '@zoom/videosdk';

Let me know if you continue to experience this issues.


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