Purchase of ZOOM Windows Video SDK to create a plugin Using C++


I am looking to purchase Windows ZOOM Video SDK to create a plugin Using C++.
I found the below Video SDK Plans details on your portal.
1- Pay As you Go - Here I found that 10,000 minutes per month, thereafter Rs- 0.31/-
per minute used.
Is these 10,000 minutes are free? then after Rs- 0.31/- will be charged?
If 10,000 minutes are free then please let me know how I can download Video SDK
to use free minutes.

2- Rs- 88,300.00/ year- Here I found 30,000 minutes included per month, thereafter Rs- 0.27 per minute used.
Is this charge (Rs- 88,300.00/ year) applicable only during my plugin development?
or will it always be charged even after development is completed and the plugin is being used by users after a year?

Example- Suppose I have paid Rs-88,300/- and purchases the Video SDK for one year for plugin development. After a year user has started using my plugin, will this per year charge(Rs-88,300/) still continue till the plugin is being used by users?

Could you please send me these details?


Hey @sunil.skmaurya1988,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

For these types of questions, I would reach out to isvsupport@zoom.us.


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