Quality Score Update Frequency


  1. As zoom meeting proceeds, how often are per-participant, per-modality quality scores updated ?
  2. Are these updates available to query if we choose to poll them every 2 mins or so ?
  3. Do these changing quality scores form the basis for generating Webhook events such as Audio-unstable, for clients who choose to use Webhooks?


Hi @pkmist128 ,

You can determine the settings for quality score following this guidance.

To query quality scores via API, use this endpoint. For more in depth quality of service data that you can query during live meetings, I recommend using “list meeting participants qos” endpoint and referencing the “user_qos” object.

The meeting.alert webhook uses the meeting statistics (that you can access programmatically with the list meeting participant qos endpoint).

Does this help clarify for your needs?


Thanks @gianni.zoom. It does help with our needs, but I have a few follow up questions below:


  1. Normally, how often is the user_qos object updated ?
  2. Suppose we experience, say, audio loss, only for less than 5 seconds during a meeting. And let’s say such loss happens 5 times during an hour long meeting at random timestamps. It does influence user’s perception of meeting quality because voice is very sensitive to loss. However, because the loss is only for a few seconds each time, how are the measures in the user_qos object supposed to reflect that? I mean, is there a sure fire way of polling user_qos to definitively say there was an audio loss since the previous time we polled?
    Thanks for your help. Regards.

Hi @pkmist128 ,

This is checked every minute on our back end servers.

This is a great question. I am not sure of the answer and will check further with our API team.

Thanks for your patience!

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