Meeting Alerts outside of Webhooks


Is it possible to query meeting alerts such as Audio Unstable etc for a given time interval using an API endpoint; i.e., not using a Webhook per se ?


Hi @pkmist128

Have you looked into our Dashboard Endpoints???
We have the List Meeting Participants QoS that can be reached while meetings are live!

Let me know if this helps!

Hi @elisa.zoom,

Just to clarify - My specific question is: Is it possible to get meeting alerts such as “Audio Unstable” from any API besides Webhooks ? Currently Webhooks based Events API provides this. I am interested in getting such events via regular (Non-Webhooks) API for a given time interval. I am not so interested in quantitative QOS metrics such as jitter etc. I need the actual event such as “Audio Unstable” via an API. I could not find one. Can you provide a link to it if this exists?


Ah I see @pkmist128
Thanks for the clarification.
Unfortunately we do not have an endpoint that can get you that kind of data.
Feel free to make a feature request here:

Have a great day!

Thank you.

Is there documentation on how events such as “Audio Unstable” could be entirely deduced from quantitative, per-minute QOS data, again without using webhooks ? I mean, how do you determine that there was a definitive “Audio Unstable” event before triggering webhooks?

I have not come across with any documentation that I could share with you and can provide you more details about what you are looking for @pkmist128
I will continue looking and will come back to you if something comes up