Query related to Oauth App for Zoom meeting

Hi Team,

I am currently exploring Oauth apps for Zoom meeting CRUD operations through API.

I have listed below few questions that I need some clarity on.

1. Is there any mandate from Zoom to regenerate the client secret after a specific period? Or am I allowed to generate the client Id and client Secret once and use it eternally ?

2. Currently the test App that I have created seems to have a tolerance level set as 1. Incase, if the tolerance level can be increased to 5 or something like that for production apps , could you please let me know whether the access token generated by refresh token1 would still remain active when a refreshtoken2 is generated ?

Hi @ayshanim

1] There is no mandate to regenerate the client secret, but if you do, all the existing tokens will be invalid and the users will have to authorize the integration again.

2] For this one, I have replied with the steps in the email.