How can I get zoom api key, and secret for creating a meeting

I am working on a project in which I am creating zoom meeting via zoom API , I am zoom jwt app for getting api credentials but as per zoom announcement, JWT App is now deprecated so I want to know that from where and how can I get my new api credentials.

Login to that Zoom Account. Login to this portal: App Marketplace ( Create an OAuth App there and provide read write and any other admin access you need. (You will see a JWT app already in place there). You’ll have to create the OAuth there. You don’t need to remove the JWT.

Once the Oauth App is ready, open it up and get the Client ID (username) and Client Secret (Password) from there. Use these to make a call and get the OAuth Token.

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Hi @ravi.gupta ,

Please refer to our migration guidance: JWT app type migration guide

@nyiaappointmentautom , thanks for chiming in and helping this fellow developer.

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