Question about Zoom SDK

Hello, I am reaching out regarding the Zoom api. Our developers are building an integration to existing cloud-based software. The goal would be to gain access to cloud recordings from zoom (some variables and the audio file) to import into our cloud-based software. Can we do this with the zoom API, or does access to the actual cloud recording m4a file require us to use the Video SPK package?

Hi @tiasia

Iā€™m not too clear on your use case, however the following endpoint will allow you to get the recordings

You could then use the download_url property listed in the response to download the recording files.

Let me know if this works for you!

@tiasia Hope you will be fine.

Yes, you can achieve that using Zoom REST API.

Here are the sessions

ā†’ Zoom Recording Downloader Bot
ā†’ Zoom Cloud Recordings - (REST API)

For more here.