Download Account Wide Cloud Recordings by Date Range

I am an enterprise user with about 20 licenses.

We are a call center and we don’t really have anyone that specializes in writing API’s. Is there a ready made API (operating system and language doesn’t matter, I’ll work with whatever I can get) to download all recordings in the account (all users) by date range?

I was doing it manually, until someone at Zoom of obvious high intelligence, decided to disable the ability to right click and open in new tab, all of the 100 recordings that we do per week. So now, I need an API. I am not going to invest any money into this, as it would be simpler to change to Teams if I can’t get this. I was told by my sales person to see if anyone here could just give me the code for the API.


Hi @Dave,

Thanks for reaching out about this. If you want to retrieve recordings for an account via API, we do have an API for this—you can find it here:

If you’re looking for a simpler solution, you might also consider checking out our Marketplace for existing integrations—there may be a pre built solution here that will work for you:


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