How can I get cloud Recordings video using zoom Api

I need assistance how to get zoom recordings stored in zoom cloud retrieve those files using zoom api so that it will be helpful for me for automating the download process.

I read documentations which says can be done through Video SDK , But while creating Video SDK account Zoom insists to create a new account for accessing Video SDK , Is it Possible to get Cloud recordings of an zoom cloud account from this new developer account ?

kindly assist me

Hi @aadistudio ,

Are you trying to get cloud recordings for your Zoom client, or from a Video SDK application you’ve created? If the latter, you do need a separate Zoom developer account for working with the Video SDK.


Hi @rehema.zoom

Can you help me with how to use the Zoom Client?
Are you referring to the npm install command for Zoom?
There is limited documentation available on the internet.
Could you please guide me on how to fetch cloud recordings using the Zoom Client?


Hi @aadistudio ,

Zoom Client is in reference to the downloaded application on your computer, not an npm package. Where are you initiating these recordings? Is it in an application you created yourself, or in a Zoom meeting? If you’re able, you can send a screenshot of the record button you’re clicking to give me a better idea.

Just in case, here is documentation on retrieving recordings with the Zoom Client.


I found the answer to the problem of accessing Zoom Cloud Recordings using the API Reference. To achieve this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a server-to-server OAuth application on the Zoom Marketplace by logging in with an account that has access to the cloud recording feature. Make sure to enable the necessary scopes for reading recordings.

  2. Implement API calls as follows:

    a. Use a POST request to to fetch the access token for the account.

    b. Use a GET request to{user_id}/recordings?from=1958-03-15&to=2023-09-20, replacing {user_id} with the email of the host who created the meeting.

For more info

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