Questions about updating the zoom app

I would like to add a new function to the zoom app published on the marketplace.
I understand that new versions of the app will be reviewed using a development client ID.

Even after the new version of the app is released, users who don’t want to update can continue to use the old version of the app.

Does that mean you host the new version of the app on a development client ID and the old version of the app on a production client ID?

I’m confused because I understood the environment with development client ID to be a test environment.
Please explain in detail about the operation when updating the app.

Hello, @kazumura_yuuki

Functional changes such as Scopes additions or removals and webhook additions or Removals are hosted on the developer environment, to allow our Marketplace Operations team to test and confirm the functionality of those changes and when we approve the UPDATE request the changes get pushed to production and the users are asked to update or re-authorize to use the new features added. So if a user does not update they will use the production version of the App they last authorized and will be forced to Update after a certain time in order to continue using the integration.

Please see more information here: Updating an App