Upgrade reviews for web-apps

My app is a web-based and as such I intend to deploy updates frequently. Do I need to apply for a marketplace upgrade review every time? Can I notify you after deploy? Does this include, for example:

  • bug fixes

  • functionality changes that don’t impact on the Zoom integration

  • minor text changes (I think I have seen you reply elsewhere that the answer to this one is ‘yes’, but I can’t find the topic at the moment)

Additionally, are you able to clarify how your marketplace model works with websites, please? For example, your guidelines state that the app should be reviewed in “development” mode. But, that’s not feasible for me. Do you have any additional / different terms for websites?

Hey @budgetcriticism ,

You only need to submit an update request to changes you make to your Zoom OAuth app. For example, adding a new scope, or changing your redirect url.

Changes to your website do not require a review from us. :slight_smile:


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