Questions about upgrading to v5.4

If you are running a version lower than 5.4, today you will see disruptions in service. Please DM @michael.zoom to get the link to v5.4.

Sorry, but on this forum it does not seem possible to direct message someone.


I am happy to help! What SDK are you using and are you looking for the link to v5.4 or another version?

Already got the link to 5.4 in the previous message.
Currently our application is using v5.2.41727.0928
For now any version is ok as long as it is still usable, does not add any bugs and still supports login with usename and password.

Thank you for your reply, @smlznnl! Great to hear you already have V5. It is usable and still supports login with a username and password, so you should be good to go. Should you have any questions, please let us know.

I’m running the version 2.4.5 and can’t not update it yet. Is it a problem while this version is still within the minimal supported version?

version 2.4.5 of Zoom Meeting SDK for Web ?

Meeting SDK for Web is not affected.

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That is right, for Web, I just noticed I was in the wrong session!

Are you good, @Felippe ? Do you need any help sorting out the minimum version?

All good, thank you!