Questions about uploading a CSV to pre-assign attendees to breakout rooms

I’m running a very important Zoom call in late August for 350 participants. I plan to break them down into 25 breakout rooms about 30 minutes into the meeting.

Here are my questions:

  1. It says in the help text that the number of people who can be pre-assigned to breakout rooms via a .CSV upload is 200. Is that limit strict? Can we make 300 or 350 for a one-time use? If so, for free or for pay?
  2. What happens if the limit is 200 and we upload 225 in a csv? What happens to the final 25 people. Are they just not assigned a breakout room and are listed outside the rooms after we open the breakout rooms session? I assume we can then manually assign them to rooms as a worst case?
  3. We will upload the csv before the meeting starts, i.e when scheduling the meeting. I assume we can upload a replacement csv before the meeting starts and the new csv will just replace the first one as if the first one was never uploaded, correct?
  4. After the meeting starts, but before we open the breakout rooms-- a 30 minute+ period in our case, can we also upload a replacement csv and it will act as if that 2nd csv is the first one uploaded?
  5. If we upload a csv before the meeting starts with 190 people on it divided into 19 rooms equally, and then upload a second csv after the meeting starts with 20 people who were not on the list of the 190 (i.e. 20 new people), and those 20 are divided into two new rooms (not on the list of 19 rooms), and that is done before we open the rooms as in Q4 (but after the meeting starts), would we then have 21 separate rooms with ten people in each room? (Yes, this is mutually exclusive with #4.)

Thanks for anyone who can help!

Hey @DaveMorris,

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Hi Tommy–

I aware of the breakout rooms and splitting the meeting. What I want to know concerns limits on the CVS upload to split rooms ahead of time among the participants. Do you have any experience uploading a csv of more than 200 participants to create about 25 breakout rooms?

P.S.: has not answered this question and it’s been well over a week since I asked them. I don’t think they bother to look at the case queue.

Hey @DaveMorris,

Apologies for the delays from the support team, they are receiving a massive amount of inquires.

Since this question is not related to the Zoom App Marketplace the support team will be able to better support.

In the meantime I suggest testing out your question. :slight_smile:


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