Uploading breakout room CSV is not working for the meeting created using API

Uploading breakout room CVS for meetings created using API is not working

When we create a meeting using API and try to upload CSV using the website it’s not saving the breakout room.

no error

Which App Type (OAuth & JWT )?
Using JWT token to create the meeting

Which Endpoint/s?
Created meeting using /users/{userId}/meetings

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Created meeting using API (/users/{userId}/meetings)
  2. Generated CSV for the breakout rooms
  3. Logged in to zoom.us web portal
  4. Meeting edit and uploaded CSV
  5. after uploading it shows the number of room and participants
  6. when we save the meeting it’s not saving the breakout room data

Hey @kunal,

Is it possible to share a specific example with us here? Please include the CSV you’re using and the meeting ID.


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I have submitted the form and mentioned meeting id and also attached the CSV.

Just create any meeting using API and try to upload CSV using the zoom website.

FYI, If I create a meeting using the zoom website and upload the same CSV it works.

Looks like there is a bug after supporting Breakout room creating using API’s

I have already mentioned detailed steps in first message

Hey @kunal,

Thank you! We’ll follow up with you there.


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