Quickstart to implement RawData functions for .Net Wrapper

Hi. I’m having trouble extending the current .Net wrapper to include the rawdata_renderer to subscribe to raw video data, but I’m no pro at C++. Could you briefly explain to me how to start? Thanks!

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Windows 11

@PB_UV, from our experience, the C++ SDK is not much more difficult to use than the .Net wrapper, but it has it’s own the set of quirks and bugs.

What we recommend is sticking to the C++ SDK instead of writing bindings.

Another option is to use Recall.ai to access the raw video data from Zoom without needing to deal with the C# bindings or use the C++ SDK.

Hello Amanda,

thanks for your reply. We want to integrate your SDK into an extensive existing .Net software project. That’s why doing all the work in C++ is not an option. Would be great if you could put the Wrapper back to github again so that other people can contribute again.


@PB_UV, are you trying to build a Zoom bot or are you trying to build a custom Zoom client?

A custom Zoom client that deals with the video feeds.

@amanda-recallai will there be any reply on this topic anymore or is it closed for you? Just to know if my team could hope for an solution or not.

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