Can we get the live Video/Audio data using Windows SDK

Can we get the live Video/Audio data using Windows SDK? My use case is, I want to get the video/audio data and stream them to be processed live. I’m using the C# wrapper.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Hi @shihan.anuruddha, thanks for the post.

You can access raw audio and video streams in a meeting through the new raw recording feature. Information on how to implement this feature can be found here. Since the C# wrapper is not actively updated, you will need to manually add any new interfaces to utilize this feature.


Thanks for the quick reply @jon.zoom cheers!

@shihan.anuruddha I checked the code and found that the method is loaded in CSDKWrap class and but not implemented in the CZoomSDKDotNetWrap class.

@jon.zoom I know this is a community project, and you are open for contributions. How we get to know that this is being developed by some one else. How we can contribute and push if we do any developments.

Thank You !!!

Hi @sukitha.jayasinghe,

We have discussed creating a public repo through which the developer community can contribute to the C# wrapper and other wrappers, but we currently do not have a timeline for when we can make this happen. This is definitely something we want to do in the future, but it will likely be a while before we are able to allocate adequate resources.


Hi @jon.zoom,

Thank you for considering this

You are very welcome! I’m sure we will have many more opportunities like this in the future as we continue to expand our developer-oriented offerings. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could you please shed some light on how to do this? Any developer I can contact for this?

Hi, Are there any restrictions to access this raw data… for example, do I need to be the “host”?


Hi @shihan.anuruddha,

Can you please clarify what exactly you are looking to do?


Hi @ladycsr,

In order to initiate a raw recording, you would need to be capable of starting a local recording in the meeting.


Yes, I’m aware of the pre-requisites. What I would like to know is, how to add the raw recording start/stop and how to get the audio video data out. As far as I can see, even though raw recording functionality is available in C++, C# doesn’t have it implemented. I would like to know how to add this to the C# wrapper.

Hi @shihan.anuruddha,

Please refer to our documentation for information on how to add new functionality to the C# wrapper locally.


I am sorry, I don’t mean to be dense… but to be able to “start a local recording”, do you have to be a host?

Hi @ladycsr,

Absolutely no problem we’re here to help! This support article should give you all the information you need for local recordings. :slightly_smiling_face:


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