Raise Hand button not visible as panelist

The Raise Hand button is “hidden” under the participants’ tab when joining as panelists.

It might be better to move it next to Q/A, Chat buttons, same as attendees. Besides, the label has lowercase text.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?


Additional context
The Zoom Web Browser platform has the Raise Hand button next to “ALL” other buttons, why is it not the same here?

@giancarlo1 This is a good catch, I’m not positive why the Web SDK uses a different location for the button. My guess is that our team had to implement a new function for the SDK and created a new button for that.

I’ll check with our team during out next meeting to see if they can move the location of the button.

@giancarlo1 Thanks for your patience here. I created a ticket with our engineering team and will get back to you when I know more about the placement of this button. (ZOOM-343108)

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