Random SDK crashes


We are experiencing random crashes with Zoom windows SDK.

Our application is an WPF program running on Windows 10 x64 OS.
We are implemented Zoom Windows SDK using Zoom C# wrapper.

Zoom Windows SDK version

Details and crash dump for crash instance are

Meeting ID that crash happened #539152386

Please see below link to get crash dump file

Hi Engineering,

Thanks for the post and the details. I will forward the info and the dump file to the engineering team and get back to you shortly.



Thank you for your response.

I enabled the logging for below crashes to get more information. Hope, it helps.

Crash #1

Crash #2


This is awesome! Thank you very much! I will let you know if I have any updates. Pardon the inconvenience caused by this issue.


Hi Engineering,

Thanks again for the logs. After analyzing the logs, it seems like the NullReferenceException is causing this issue and the crash happens in the following location:

The eNet.exe is not a part of our SDK. Hope this helps. Thanks!


Thank you for your reply.

We are trying to implement CustomizedUIMgrWrap (C#) in our app.

In order to investigate this issue.

Is there any demo code that we can refer to?

If you can supply us a sample project (C#) to show how we can properly use

CreateVideoContainer, DestroyVideoContainer, CreateVideoElement i.e.

that will be deeply appreciated.

Hi Engineering,

Thanks for the reply. Currently we only have the demo app on the Github available:

I am still working with the engineering team on the containers you have mentioned. Will get back to you shortly. Pardon the inconvenience caused by this.