Zoom SDK app crashes with unknown reason - help with dump files

Same issue as Zoom SDK app crashes with unknown reason - help reading dump files, but with new logs/dumps - after fixing our code.

Our Zoom SDK app crashes randomly with no indication as to why.

Which Desktop Meeting SDK version?

Windows server 2016

Adding logs/dumps here - see the 3 folders ending in _660 (those were created at the time of the crash 13:00~ on 3/11/2021):

@Michael_Condon I’ve removed all SDK calls from child threads as you’ve said - yet we still see this issue. Can you assist? :slight_smile:

Hey @oren.nahum,

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We have fixed various crashes in the Windows SDK since that version. Can you update to the latest version and let me know if you are still seeing crashes?


Thanks @Michael_Condon
My bad, I wrote the wrong version. We’re using

You can see it in the folder in the crashrpt.xml files:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CrashRpt version="1403">

Can you take a look?
I’m not seeing any major changes (regarding this/crashes) from v5.7.1.643 to the latest ( v5.7.6.1079)

Hey @oren.nahum,

Ah ok, I see. Will forward this to the engineering team. Do you, by chance, have any reproduction steps or additional information that would help us to track down the issue?


Sure, I’ve sent to DeveloperSupport@zoom.us and told them to forward to you. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks! Will update you here when I have info.


Thanks a lot Michael. Here are the logs/dumps: ZoomSDK 7.11.21.zip - Google Drive

Thanks @oren.nahum,
These have been passed along to the engineers for investigation.