Zoom SDK (C++ version) crashes


I’m developing with Zoom SDK and I realized that app is crashing not always on same line but on same “CCustomizeUIVideoMgr::ReSubscribeNormalUser()” function when last user using a webcam leaves the meeting and SDK is playing Gallery view and using Customized UI.

Error is: “sdk_demo_v2.exe has triggered a breakpoint.” and it points to ntdll.dll.

Tested versions: and
Tested on few Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019

Hey @Pablo.Moreno,

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Can you reproduce the crash one more time and send me the SDK logs and dump files from that instance? You have to set enableGenerateDump and enableLogByDefault to true in your initParams and then the logs can be found in %appData%/roaming/zoomSDK.


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Hi Michael,

We do have the log file ready but I am not able to upload the file to this forum, since only jpg/png files are allowed.

Is there a url/email where I can upload the log file ?



Hey @ddas725,

Yes, you can email it to me at DeveloperSupport@zoom.us. Please mention my name and a link to this post in your email.


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