Reachability class name conflict

I have an iOS app using the Zoom SDK that includes Apple’s Reachability class. It appears the MobileRTC framework also includes a class of the same name based on this run-time warning:

Class Reachability is implemented in both …/ (0x10b02a6c8) and …/ (0x10789f220). One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

Can the Zoom SDK’s version of Reachability be renamed or properly namespaced so as to not conflict with apps that also use the class? This is a commonly used class, so I imagine other apps will run into the same issue.

Which iOS Client SDK version?

Hey @EricB,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Do you know what file this is defined in? I am not seeing it in our framework.


Thanks for the reply, @Michael_Condon!

I’m not sure what file it is defined in the Zoom SDK, but here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new iOS app project in Xcode. (I’m using Xcode 12.5.)
  2. Add the MobileRTC.xcframework and MobileRTCResources.bundle to the project, then close Xcode.
  3. In a terminal, initialize CocoaPods using pod init in the root of the project.
  4. Add pod 'Reachability' to the Podfile.
  5. Run pod install.
  6. Open the xcworkspace, build and run.

The warning message from above displays in the debug output window.

Hopefully that helps!

Hey @EricB,

Gotcha, will run some tests and keep you posted. Thanks!


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