React Dependency

Hi guys,

We are evaluating Zoom as a possible 3rd party. However, the react dependency is an issue for us. Do you have plans to remove this dependency?


Hi @pmachado,

Currently at this time, we have no immediate plans to remove the React Dependency, but I will forward your request to our developers.

That being said, can you elaborate in more detail, why this dependency is an issue, so that we may be able to recommend a work around if possible ?


Hi @ojus.zoom,

We have an ionic v1(Mobile)/AngularJS(Web) legacy application, that is only planned to be upgraded next year.
The front-end developers at our company say that is not possible to integrate.

Any possible workaround suggestion will be very welcome.


Hi pmachado,

Thanks for interested in using Zoom with your app. We do have an Ionic SDK, you can refer to the following doc:

But the Ionic SDK is developed for Ionic 3+, it has not been tested with Ionic v1. Hope this helps. Thanks!