React Native Video SDK compatibility with Android / iOS Video SDKs

I want to upgrade my existing and running app using RN Video SDK 1.1.1 and Android SDK 1.1.2 to RN Video SDK 1.2.0 and Android SDK 1.3.0 (or at least 1.2.3 to support Android 12)

App is buildable and runs as expected in the current state.

Change 01:
Upgraded to Zoom React Native Video SDK version 1.2.0 and React Native version 0.67.3.

Build failed:

Issue 01:
onInviteByPhoneStatus method was not implemented from abstract class in RNZoomVideoSdkModule

“solved” by adding the method manually.

Build successful.

Change 02:
Upgraded to Android SDK 1.3.0

Build sucessful.
But Joining a session failed:
It stucks in the connecting screen.

My question:

Is there only a compatibility between React Native Video SDK as wrapper and Android / iOS Video SDK versions, or do you support every new Android / iOS Video SDK version with the existing React Native SDK versions?

Which React Native Video SDK version?

Hi @muellseb,

Generally we suggest ensuring that your React Native wrapper and Android/iOS SDK versions are on the same major and minor version (e.g. 1.2.3 Android SDK pairs with 1.2.0 React Native). We do update the React Native wrapper with each minor version bump, but it tends to lag behind by a few weeks.

You can absolutely manually update the React Native wrapper locally as you’ve mentioned, but keep in mind that doing so may make it difficult for us to provide support if you are no longer using the wrapper as-is.


Hi @jon.zoom

I downloaded the zoom react native sdk example.
I added the Android SDK 1.2.3 to the project.
Then I just followed the instructions here.
(Btw.: I think you missed a step in the instructions: run ‘yarn’ in the example folder. Otherwhise the required node modules for the example app will not be there.)

After I started the metro server with yarn example start, I tried to start the android app.
It failed with the exact same issue I faced in our app:

I adjusted the file RNZoomVideoSdkModule.
I added the import statement for importing ZoomVideoSDKPhoneStatus and ZoomVideoSDKPhoneFailedReason:

Then I added the missing method onInviteByPhoneStatus:

I needed to reconfigure some settings, but after I did so, I restarted the android app again. With success.
Sample app started and worked fine.

I compared both apps. gradle scripts and all other settings.
But our App is still not working.
After joining a session, an Error event will be thrown, but withouth an errorType:
Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 01.25.57

Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 01.27.03

Join session code snippet:
Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 01.28.06

Do you have any idea?

I tested different:
I added the same token from our app to the zoom sample app and lo and behold: same error

Seems like the token generation has been changed.
Is there a difference when generating tokens for RN Video SDK 1.1.1 and Android SDK 1.1.2 vs RN Video SDK 1.2.0 and Android SDK 1.2.3?

P.S.: is the role_type required for generating the token? I see in the method for generating the token in the sample app the property. Could it be that if no Host is logged in / has started the meeting, the errorType null will be thrown?

After adjusting our API and adding the role_type property when signing the jwt token, it works.
So it was the token generating mechanism.

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