Read timeouts on POST /users/{userId}/meetings

We’ve had timeouts after 10 seconds when reading the response from the zoom API when making a request like POST /users/{userId}/meetings with a simple JSON body:

"settings": {"join_before_host": true}, 
"topic": "foobar", 
"type": 3

Are zoom engineers aware of responses taking 10+ seconds for this endpoint? Is it something with the user’s account. Is there a way we can mitigate it? We’ve increased the timeout to 25+ seconds but that’s a very long time for the API to respond.


Hi Craig,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Community. We are happy to help.

Can you please send us some timestamps at I will forward those to our engineering team, so that we can provide you with specific recommendations ?



We did experience some issues on the 24th of June but were resolved since then. Please let me know if you are still facing these issues.