Spike in API delays for creating meetings

After no resolution in the previous thread ( API delay/slowdowns for create meeting ), we are again seeing spikes in Zoom taking over 30 seconds to respond to our Create Meeting requests with our integration for many users, starting around Monday or Tuesday. Is there an issue with the API or is status.zoom.us accurate and we should investigate our integration?

The new meeting response is received after 30 seconds

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)

Screenshots (If applicable)

It would be great if I can get more info on how I can reach out to Zoom privately to troubleshoot our case and send over some more detailed data. Each bar in the above screenshot is dozens of Zoom meetings that are likely failing (because we don’t want users waiting 30+ seconds for their link.)

Hi @joet,

Thank you for raising this with us. Our Engineering team is looking into this (ZOOM-266267). I will follow up with you here shortly.


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Thanks @will.zoom. I think I misread our configuration and the timeout is at 10 seconds–we will increase to 30 seconds and see if it helps. Requests being delayed by more than 10 seconds is still an issue for our customers, though

Changing our timeout to allow Zoom to take up to 30 seconds has helped, but in the past 30 minutes I still see about five requests timing out for different users…

Hey @joet,

Thank you for testing that out and reporting what you’ve found. I have some questions to help me understand the issue:

  1. Does this only happen with the Create a Meeting API?

  2. Does this happen regardless of the authentication method used? (JWT vs OAuth)

  3. Are users under a VPN, Proxy or Firewall that could be adding latency?

  4. Have you run a traceroute test to the endpoint to see if you can identify where the timeout occurs?

  5. When this issue happens, have you tried making the same request on another network?

Sorry for all the questions there. The goal is that this will help to narrow down the cause of the issue you’re seeing.



  1. Yes

  2. We don’t have the ability right now to try anything other than OAuth

  3. Dozens of our customers were seeing the same issues, so VPN, Proxy or Firewall isn’t the issue

  4. We haven’t yet but I’ll post more once we look at our tracing data.

  5. When making the requests from my laptop using Postman, I haven’t seen the same delays.

It would be great if I can get more info on how I can contact Zoom support to troubleshoot our case and send over some more detailed data.

Hi @joet,

Thanks for confirming these details for us. If you have more detailed examples that you’re able to share, can you please send these to us at developersupport@zoom.us and reference this thread?


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