/rec/download/ Meet VTT Cloud Recording Transcript - Only string format?

VTT for meeting cloud recorded files shows as:

        "id": "91aa16a2-9937-41ba-854a-f781b7ec58ed",
        "meeting_id": "ZiB4IiqWQpCxKvb4OvvqcQ==",
        "recording_start": "2022-08-18T11:54:45Z",
        "recording_end": "2022-08-18T12:54:32Z",
        "file_type": "TRANSCRIPT",
        "file_extension": "VTT",
        "file_size": 63754,
        "play_url": "domain/rec/play/y-esDAnqdmyGbigPaWzbe8Wz-uLvVTYvdjPgYIoWbyY_MjzdFh1xDQvgeulqwYDTae6VeEywBo0iitsF.af3ES2Ai1KgCuf51",
        **"download_url": "domain.zoom.us/rec/download/y-esDAnqdmyGbigPaWzbe8Wz-uLvVTYvdjPgYIoWbyY_MjzdFh1xDQvgeulqwYDTae6VeEywBo0iitsF.af3ES2Ai1KgCuf51",**
        "status": "completed",
        "recording_type": "audio_transcript"

Then when one hits the API with


It downloads the VTT as string:

00:09:10.350 --> 00:09:12.510
Graham Robinson: it's a strategy to its.

00:09:13.380 --> 00:09:14.700
Graham Robinson: event driven strategy.

00:09:14.910 --> 00:09:17.850
Peter Bremberg: yeah nice congrats that's great.

This is inconvenient to parse, modify- extract etc.
Is just an infinite string with no divisions.

Beyond something the speaker get’s lost.

Which is okay but it then took out the PersonaEntity at all… it should come as Unknown_Speaker so it keeps the format standardised across the VTT.


00:54:20.370 --> 00:54:20.670

01:00:26.970 --> 01:00:27.240

Is there any way to get the VTT on another format than this (?) Is it configurable at account level for cloud-recordings settings— or to pass on params to endpoint ?

Hi @fingerprint , thank you for your inquiry. Could you share what other format you’d like?


To be consistent: The Phone transcript comes as JSON from within your API already.

Why not doing the same on the Meet Transcript?

On JSON format kindly, we are currently parsing it ourselves.