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After the latest changes to reCaptcha (thank you for those :pray: ), which shows reCaptcha only after attendee enters the meeting number or password incorrectly multiple times, I’ve noticed we no longer receive the errorCode: 3110 when reCaptcha is required.

The reCaptcha screen just appears after the meeting is successfully initialized from the Zmmtg.init success callback. The response I get instead is:

errorCode: 0
errorMessage: null
method: "init"
result: null
status: true

Is this something that is a permanent change, or the errorCode: 3110 will come back?

Which version?
WebSDK 1.7.10

Additional context
Having the specific error code for reCaptcha is very useful, as it allows us to build custom UI/UX based on the error code (meeting not started, invalid password, reCaptcha, etc…)

Thank you!

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Hey @pavol.slido,

Thanks for pointing this out. Let me see if we can add the reCaptcha specific error code back. (CS-2237)


Thank you @tommy, that would be awesome!

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:


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