Webhooks are being fired twice sometimes in server to server oauth app

zoom email : redacted
app name - MentoMind Student App

event body

  "event": "meeting.ended",
  "event_ts": 1684280198492,
  "payload": {
   "account_id": "UxCUVtVFTym",
   "object": {
    "duration": 60,
    "end_time": "2023-05-16T23:36:38Z",
    "host_id": "gT_JLB,
    "id": "88006848182",
    "start_time": "2023-05-16T23:36:31Z",
    "timezone": "UTC",
    "topic": "vmcliveclass2 mento",
    "type": 2,
    "uuid": "6B7QHkVvQ4G"

Sometimes I only receive one event and randomly it’s twice sometimes.
Please let me know if you need any information

Hey @chetankhanna767
Thanks for reaching out to us
for the example payload that you shared for the event meeting.ended, did you get 2 events for that specific meeting?
Let me take a look at this issue and will come back to you with an update.

Yes @elisa.zoom
I received two events with the same payload instantly
Please let me if know you find anything or need more details

Hey @chetankhanna767,
I noticed that you mentioned receiving two events with the same payload for the meeting, ended event. I’ll investigate this issue and get back to you once I have more information.

Hey @chetankhanna767
I have not been able to replicate this on my end.
Would you be able to share more details with me via DM. I will message you