Received email that webhook endpoint failed to respond to our validation request, but it is already validated

I received an email that my webhook endpoint failed to respond to our validation request. However, under my zoom app, this webhook has been validated.

I am calling this webhook from automation with Pabbly Connect - Zoom, and I am not sure how to troubleshoot this further.

Hi @wati-io
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Could you please confirm that you are still receiving events to your endpoint and all is working as expected?

Hi, I am having the same issue. We are getting this email, but our logs seem to indicate that the webhooks are working as expected.

Is there a way to re validate our webhooks? If the logs indicate that the webhooks are succeeding, what else should we look into?

Hi, wanted to follow up on this

Hi @cedricgidget
Thanks for reaching out to us! sorry I did not reply earlier, I did not get a notification about this.
So you are receiving webhooks and not having any issues with your integrations but still receiving the email regarding the endpoint needing to be validated? Is that assumption correct?

Hi, we’re also receiving the same issue. Previously the webhook was validated and passed validation checks every time it was requested. I re-generated the secret/verification token and the same issue still occurs. Not sure how to proceed with the troubleshooting.

Hi Elisa,

Yes that is correct, we occasionally receive them. Most recently, we received one May 23 for our staging site and May 27 for our production site. While we haven’t received any since then, sometimes a couple of months pass before we receive them (before May, we received some notifications in February).

Hi, we received the same issue on our staging setup. While i tried to validate from the zoom dashboard it revalidated successfully but still got 3 mails saying webhook validation request failed and thus it got blocked. Now we just received 1st mail of “Your webhook endpoint failed to respond to our validation request” on Production. I tried validating from the zoom dashboard and it worked successfully. Please look into this as if it fails on our Production we will be in a lot of trouble.

Hi @hesper Is your app published in the Marketplace?
If so, you will need to resubmit for review in order to make these changes valid in your published app

Thanks for reaching out @utsav1
Could you please share the name of your app with me?

Hi Elisa,

This is an internal application. It’s a webhook that sends us alerts for meetings and rooms.

Hi Elisa,

Our app is of internal use and not published on the App Marketplace.
It is a Server-to-Server OAuth app.

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Hi all,

Any updates on this? It doesn’t seem like we can validate this on our end?

Hi @cedricgidget
Please take a look at our sample app

And also, make sure that your URL meets the requirements: