Webook Validation Failing

So I keep getting emails occasionally saying:

"Your webhook endpoint failed to respond to our validation request

If your webhook endpoint fails to respond to our validation requests 2 more times, we will stop sending webhooks to your webhook endpoint until you fix the issue."

I log into the App and there is no issue with the web hook and it displays as fully validated.

I’ve had no downtime on the end point the web hook validates to either.

Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to resolve this from happening?

Or am I missing something that I need to do to me webhook (although as stated it is showing with a green tick validated).


Hi @PaulDeehan
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I have seen other posts like this one, where developers get an email saying that the endpoint failed to respond but the app never stopped receiving events or even showed the message in the Marketplace dashboard.
I will go ahead an send you a private message, to see if you can send me some screenshots and I will investigate this further


The same thing has also happened to us. On October 17th I received a notification email “Your webhook endpoint failed to respond to our validation request”. I checked our application’s log and the validation request was answered.

After this we haven’t received any emails and our app is working OK. Is it possible to check what happened on your end on October 17th?

Hi @thkyc
Thanks for reaching out to us
I am not aware of an issue related to webhooks on October 17th.
Sometimes, the validation fails when the server on the application’s side fails to respond.