Receiving audio streams from a Zoom call in near real-time

The attached image shows an example of a zoom call with 3 peers: the host and 2 guests.

The host starts the call and launches our zoom app. The zoom app is not illustrated in the diagram.

Our goal

Our goal is to have the individual audio streams from a Zoom call relayed to our server in near real-time for the purpose of analytics. We believe this can be accomplished by building a zoom app and utilizing your SDK. Or maybe there is a smarter and quicker way of doing this?

Question 1

If creating a zoom app and using your SDK, what is the rough outline of how we can accomplish our goal?

Question 2

Did you test and verify that relaying audio streams on Windows 11 works as expected?

Question 3

What is the smartest, quickest and most efficient way of accomplishing our goal?



For the time being, audio and video capture are not available via the Zoom Apps platform, which is a web-based in-client platform. If you go the route of Zoom Apps, you might consider pairing the zoom app with a meeting bot? The Meeting SDK, on the other hand, does offer what you’re looking for

Does the Meeting SDK enable me to define a profile picture for the bot when it joins a meeting?

@audioalgorithms My understanding is that our Meeting SDK doesn’t have the functionality to change the profile picture for a user or bot. However, if you’re joining as a user created under your account you can set a profile picture for that user.

@audioalgorithms if you’re still in the process of building a meeting bot, an alternative to a profile picture is to have the bot display an image in its video stream, using the IZoomSDKVideoSender class in the Zoom Windows SDK.

Otherwise, you can also use the API to capture the individual audio streams from Zoom and relay them to your server in real-time. It does this via a meeting bot, which you can customize with a profile picture/video output as well.

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Thanks @amanda-recallai!

Hi Jon,
Is it possible to get audio stream using meeting SDK?
Is there an example using NET for this?

@yoavc Here’s a guide on doing just that: Meeting Bots Accessing Media Streams