Receiving empty meeting.sharing_started event webhooks

We have recently started receiving meeting.sharing_started event webhooks that are empty. This is their entire contents:

    "event": "meeting.sharing_started",
    "payload": {
        "object": {
            "participant": {
                "sharing_details": {}

We’re receiving meeting.sharing_started events with no data as shown above. Not all of them are empty. It has been a random smattering of them that come up empty without a meeting uuid to connect them too. I can provide timestamps and some header values if you need. In the last 12 hours we have had 11 of these come in. It is a very small percentage of the ones we receive but it would be good to fix since this could lead to missing some content.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Build an OAuth app
  2. Enable meeting sharing started webhooks
  3. Wait for webhooks
  4. Some are empty

Hey @zoom-test, thanks for sharing this.

Are the users who are sharing their screen logged into Zoom? What device / Meeting Client are they using?


Short answer, I don’t know.

Of the >1000 meeting.sharing_started events we have received today, only 11 had those empty values. I can send you the x-zm-trackingid for a few of them if it helps narrow it down but since there is no uuid or accountid data I don’t know how to track them down on my end.

Hey @zoom-test,

I wonder if they weren’t logged in to Zoom so there would be no participant data.

Meeting ID’s would be great so I can look into the logs.


We don’t have any meeting ID’s to share as there is no information in the webhook except what I posted above. In our raw log format it is this:

"body": "{\"event\":\"meeting.sharing_started\",\"payload\":{\"object\":{\"participant\":{\"sharing_details\":{}}}}}"

So the best I can give you is the x-zm-trackingid:
"x-zm-trackingid": "Webhook_80b164e60ae84d238a8f44a6242da306"

That is your tracking id right? If there is something else you add to the request that would be helpful let me know.

Hey @zoom-test,

Thanks, we will see what we can find!