Receiving host_key for scheduled meeting

Hello everyone,

Is there any way to receive a host key over the REST API for a meeting, that I created?
The current /meetings/{meetingId} API does not return a host_key.

On the other side, when using the /user/me API I can receive the host_key for my own personal meeting room.

The context is the following: When I want to join a meeting (that I created) over the SIP protocol, I need to pass the host_key for that meeting as part of the SIP URI. This authentication step is required in order to open the meeting room for other people. With an OAuth token I can get the host_key for my own personal meeting room, but not for the meetings, that I scheduled. I understand, that this information is sensitive and should not by shared by default (since other user could steal your identity with it), but it would be a nice feature to receive the host_key when the backend sees, that I am the host of the meeting and therefore returns the host_key in the response.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards Carlo

You mentioned it correctly, since this could be a security issue, we do not give the host key to anyone except for the host.

We may choose to add this feature in our future releases. You can follow our changelog and developer roadmap to see the latest updates.

Edit (06/19/2019): We Do Not* give the host key to anyone except for the host.

Hi @ojus.zoom,
thanks for your fast response and the links!
Could you kindly elaborate more on your sentence:

I guess there is something wrong here. Only the host should get the host key, right?
If yes, from where does he get the host_key? When I schedule the meeting over the Website I also dont see any host_key.

So, to conclude (correct me if I am wrong):

  1. There is no way at the moment for the host to retrieve the host_key for his scheduled meeting.
  2. The host_key of my personal meeting room is not the same as the host_key of the meeting I schedule.

@carlo.hildebrandt apologies, I meant to write

we do not give the host key to anyone except for the host.

To know more about the host key, please visit:

Let me know if you have any questions.

@ojus.zoom can you verify me, that the host_key is always the same for each meeting a person schedules. in my understanding there is no meeting-specific host_key. The host_key is once configured by the user and then applied to all his meetings, including his Personal Meeting Room and all the other meetings he schedules? Am I right?

@carlo.hildebrandt, yes that is correct. If you want to change your host_key, you need to login to your, and then change the key from there.

Let me know if this helps