API to Verify Host Key for Meeting ID for SIP based Video Systems


I mainly work with Cisco Webex Room devices and our org has transitioned to Zoom.
To make better use of our existing infrastructure, and simplify the user experience on video systems, we created a “Join Zoom” dial in button for our users. It was met with great success and really enabled our community to enter Zoom meetings easily. For those interested, her is a link to the script. Join Zoom

I’d like to be able to enable these users to do more from these system, and a great way to handle this would be to automate the DTMF sequences for Zoom, as push buttons on our Touch panel.

This can be easily done, and outfitted for participant use, or host use.

The only issue we face is verifying if that host joining in, is actually the host or not.

These systems could reach out with a payload that includes the host Key and Meeting ID via HTTP, but there is no API available to verify if this is the host or not.

So if an incorrect host Key is inputted, then the user would not be able to use the host controls we provide in full.

Describe the solution you’d like
If we could way to post the Meeting ID and Host key to our Zoom Domain and reference the scheduled meeting to confirm if this Meeting ID can be accessed with this Meeting ID, and send back a 200 status if good, or 401 if bad. Ideally if this message could be encrypted too.

Similar tools, like determining if a recording is taking pace, or mute status on Zoom, could help refine the user experience.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I can give them these tools now, but it would not be intelligent enough to understand if this is truly the host, or if the user has entered their host credentials in correctly.
The user could then re-enter the host key via DTMF and the key[ad, but we want to make these services as dedicated buttons that are present at all times, if and when certain conditions are met.