SDK 1.8.5 - Host key to reclaim the meeting as host

1.8.5 will be out in a few hours now with few interesting things.
This discussion is about this Host key to reclaim the meeting as host.


I guess this is the way to “fix” the bug reported about host losing their host power when leaving a meeting and not being able to get it back.

Could you please link to a documentation about this on how to use it into a joining flow as a host user ?

Is there any additional things to pass through the Web SDK, any breaking change on the API ? I could not find anything about it on current Web SDK API documentation…

Another important request if i may, i noticed that since a few days we can see this on zoom meeting dashboard, the mention (Guest) applied automatically next to the participant label.

Is this related to this change, or is it something different ?

Thank you.

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Hey @nvivot,

Here is more info about the Host Key:

That being said, the original issue should be fixed if the host rejoins the meeting with a role of 1 in the Web SDK signature:


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OK thank you, i’ll try it and let you know if i face any issues.

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:



I’ve tested it and it seems to work like a charm for now.

Having this option forced that a host have to hive the host token to someone when leaving is much better than assigning randomly in background without any notice.
Plus, the host can reclaim the token when he is back without any prompt on the temporary host side, this is also a good option as well.

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Happy to hear! Yes I agree! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the positive feedback!


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