Receiving `meeting.ended` events with no associated `meeting.started` events

We are trying to debug an issue where we receive meeting.ended events for meetings that we never received meeting.started events for. Without a meeting.started event, we have nothing to match the meeting.ended event with, which prevents any of our following business logic from executing.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
We are subscribed to the meeting.started and meeting.ended events.

Additional context
We have not yet identified a pattern for when or how often this happens. Seems to be fairly irregular, but frequent enough for our customers that we need to address it.

@will.zoom :wave: hello again. We have a theory about the cause. In a few instances where we do not see the meeting.started event come through, the user/host starting the meeting said they launched their meeting and zoom client from a third party app (eg. VimCal). They were prompted to sign in as the host which then opened the meeting inside the client. Following those steps, we don’t see a meeting.started event come through.

If they end their meeting (but do not quit the zoom client) and restart it, the event comes through like normal.

Hopefully that adds some more context.

Hi @Pickle thank you so much for sharing this. Can you share all of the 3rd party apps you’re seeing this with please?

Thanks for the quick response @gianni.zoom! Yes and before that I have some more concrete reproduction steps.

with the Zoom client completely closed/quit, the host user:

  • starts their meeting by clicking the link (button/action/etc) from a third party app (Google Cal, VimCal, Cron, Pickle, etc)
  • clicks the ‘sign in’ option when the Zoom client launches and prompts the user to sign in if they’re the host


  • no meeting.started event arrives
  • we receive the meeting.started event but our attempt to start live streaming (PATCH /meetings/{id}/livestream/status) in our event handler fails with the error Meeting {id} has not started (Status code: 400, Zoom code: 4927)

Hopefully that adds some more helpful context.

Thank you again!

@gianni.zoom any updates on this?

Hi @Pickle ,

We want to investigate further by looking at the meetings. Can you please open a support ticket with the meeting id and the account id for the meetings? Please share this forum post in the body of your ticket.

Thank you,

@gianni.zoom just submitted the request with some example data. Thank you!

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