Receiving Webinar Registration details after Reg but before webinar has started


I am trying to access the registration details.  Specifically Custom Questions before the Webinar has started.  It seems these are only available once the Webinar has ended via the List Attendees AIP feature


There is a fix coming soon for this via


thank you for the prompt response.

I look forward to this fix it will be a big plus for the zoom platform and make the data collection a lot better.

It will improve the workflow / process  for obtaining the required data from the registration process.



Hi Guys, just wondering if there is a fix on the way yet?

If you could give some timelines this would be helpful

Many thanks


Hi Mike,

This fix is coming in our August release which is scheduled for mid month (not certain on exact date)

You can review which will be updated with the release, there will be an “API and Integrations” section.


Sorry, I think more late August, around the 26th