Record option is not available in Web SDK

I am running the below project

and am not able to find a record feature. but from the zoom doc i can see ZoomMtg.init() funtion accepts a key called disableRecord and which is set by default to false.

You have to enable the record option first from your account setting refer here

After enabling it try joining the meeting as a host from zoom web SDK

Thanks for jumping in, @gagandeep.singh!

@pandithrohith, let us know if this helps.

I am on free user account and I wanted local recording in web sdk but this is how it look when I start meeting in web as a host.

And this is the settings currently for local recording in zoom website.

but I do get recording option when I run meeting in desktop app, but only problem facing is in web sdk.

Hey @pandithrohith,

Local recording is not currently supported in the Web SDK, only Cloud Recording.

I hope this helps to clarify!

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