Zoom Web SDK Recording Button not shown up

Hi @chunsiong.zoom, Thanks so much for previous problem solutions…
Now, I’m trying to Record meetings using Zoom Web SDK with my React Application.
I joined as HOST but I can’t see record button and I’m getting error as shown below

Can U please lok into it…

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@SaiVenkatesh79 ,

Could you confirm that you have joined as host by specifying

  1. Role :1 in the signature
  2. Role : 1 in the join method
  3. Looking at participant to see that you are the host

By the way, do you already have a cloud recording plan in place?

Thank you for the reply @chunsiong.zoom

  1. image

  2. image

    When I place role:1 in join method, application not working… so I’m not using it

  3. image

I don’t see record button here

No, I don’t have clous recording plan. otherwise explaing me how to get meeting recordings or downalod?

@SaiVenkatesh79 is it in the more button btw?


On Web SDK, you can only do Cloud Recording. Local recording is not supported on Web SDK.

No, its not present in more button @chunsiong.zoom

How to enable cloud recording?



Do we any other options to record meetings… Or any other SDK’s with download option doe recorded meetings …


and please help me to solve record button not shown up issue…


This record button not showing up is not an SDK issue, you need to get a paid account for cloud recording.

There are other options to do local recording meeting using Client SDK (Windows / Linux etc…_, but you need to implement the conversion of data to readable format, as we only provide you with the raw data.

Hi @chunsiong.zoom,
Can we able to do calls using Zoom Web SDK…
please share the details about Calling features…
Thank you

@SaiVenkatesh79 are you asking if Web SDK can do calling to specific individuals in the contacts list?

If that is what you are asking, the answer is no. Meeting SDK does not support direct calling to contacts.

Thanks for the reply @chunsiong.zoom ,
my application need to create a call option between customers and vendors via zoom. is there any feature to access in zoom.
I hope you understand my problem.

@SaiVenkatesh79 there is no such option to call contacts in SDK.

@chunsiong.zoom Hi Chun Siong, I have the same issue. Somehow the recording button disappeared after the update. Our Zoom account is PRO.

Please advise how to troubleshoot the problem. In addition, how can we upload any Zoom background theme?

Thank you so much for your attention and support.


@mfok there are a few scenarios which can hide the recording. button

  • the host might be able to disable recording at a meeting level
  • the init args are used to hide the recording button

I’ll PM you for more details to replicate this on my end