Record sessions started with UIToolkit

We’re implementing zoom integration as part of a Twilio migration.
Our aim is to have our users the ability to join calls and afterwards provide the recording and transcript of that conversation.
So far we are able to to start the meetings on our front end using the UIToolkig component in a react js page.
Also, we are capturing the userJoin/left and sessionStarted/Ended wenhooks.
But we’re struggling on getting the recordings.
The UI Toolkit doesn’t provides a “record” button.

How can we accomplish our requirement?
My first guess is to use the Video SDK API endpoint as follow:
PATCH /sessions/YcLBFzGbSeCoYBIvWsa5mA==/events

Body: { Method = “recording.start” }

But we keep getting a Bad Request response.

Hey @ignacio.ortega, have you purchased a Cloud Recording Storage Plan as listed in the pre-requistes here?