Using sdk together with UI-Toolkit

I am trying to use regular SDK methods (need access to subsessions and other features) with new ui-toolkit(for ui components). According to internet search it is possible. But when I try to use both methods:
uitoolkit.joinSession(sessionContainerRef.current, config);
await zoomVideo.join(SESSION_NAME, token, USER_NAME, SESSION_KEY)
I get error:
View, and Virtual Background not available.
lsdk?topic=c2Vzc2lvb…sdkjsonpcallback1:1 Uncaught
ReferenceError: zoomsdkjsonpcallback1 is not defined
at lsdk?topic=c2Vzc2lvb…kjsonpcallback1:1:1
(anonymous) @ lsdk?topic=c2Vzc2lvb…sdkjsonpcallback1:1

How to correctly use them together? Please help!

@bazilevsd these methods are not exposed on UI Toolkit for now.

I appreciate the answer. Following it, is functionality where host can remove any participants (if they misbehave) included in UI Toolkit. If not is it possible to implement it when I am using ui toolkit. Can you please maybe point me to documentation for it?